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Innovation Though Nature

Aqua Design Innovations focuses on innovative methods of freshwater aquarium installations to create a unique aquatic ecosystem, one that has rarely been seen before. With years of experience involved with nature aquatic ecosystems, ADI is well equipped with the best methods, products, and sources for livestock, plants, driftwood, and stones.  Learn more about us here!

Whether it’s your business or your home, our freshwater aquariums will add beauty to where ever they are installed. If you want to talk to us about getting a free consultation, we’d love to hear from you!

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Our Happy Customers

“I’ve never had an aquarium with so many fish that is so easy to maintain! Fresh water planted aquariums are definitely the way to go. Thanks ADI for such an easy install process! Everything was taken care of for me, including easy instructions for self-maintenance after the install.” 
-Erica Shen

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