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Desktop Greenhouse

Greenhouses are great for growing your plants year-round, allowing you to garden regardless of location, season, or weather.

The Ecoqube Air is soilless using hydroponics to keep your plants happy and healthy.

No need to water the plant yourself, the plant takes water directly from the tank itself and absorbs only as much as it needs. We use a soilless plant medium provides your plant with the best nutrients to grow.

Benefits of Hydroponics
Low maintenance
Reduces water usage by 90%
Saves time
No pests to bother you and your plants
Enhanced Airflow System

The enhanced airflow system delivers clean air to your plants optimizing plant growth while improving the air in your home and office.

Optimized Plant Growth

The fresh CO2 helps with photosynthesis, allowing it to pump more nutrients while strengthening the plant stems through thigmomorphogenesis.

Air Filtration Process

Air goes through the mechanical filter and charcoal filter
Water picks up humidity from the water reservoir
Plant filters and oxygenates the air
Air circulated to your room by an ultra-silent fan

Full-Spectrum LED Light

Grow your plants without direct sunlight. The full-spectrum LED light is programmed to give your plants the exact amount of light it needs to grow fastest.

Use the phone app to pre-program specific light schedules, change colors, adjust weather functions, or control your light from across the room.

Auto-Timing and Scheduling

Program the EcoQube to produce the right amount of light at the right time. Grow your plant by scheduling the exact amount of light your plant needs.

Naturally wake up when you want to by gently increasing the light with a sunrise alarm or slowly dim the light to fall asleep easier.

Weather Lighting Patterns

Add some fun to your space by emulating different weather patterns such as cloud cover and lightning storm.

Smart Lighting for Better Health

The light has a color temperature range from 1800K to 10000K. Increase your focus with energizing blue-rich light while relax in the evening with amber lighting.

The LED light can be used to adjust your circadian rhythm allowing you to stay energetic during the daytime while getting a restful sleep at night. It can even relieve the symptoms of insomnia and jetlag. improve your mood, and reduce stress.

Auto-Timing and Scheduling
Weather Lighting Patterns
Smart Lighting for Better Health
Low Maintenance

Gardening can be difficult, dirty, and time-consuming, but not with the EcoQube Air. It’s simple to set-up and easy to clean. Pour clean water in, and the dirty water flows out of the drain spout.

Healthy Environment

The EcoQube Air provides your home or office with fresh, humid, oxygenated air eliminating indoor air pollution and dead spots.

According to studies conducted by Exeter University, plant-rich environments providing clean air can boost creativity and productivity, improve your mood, reduce stress, and energize your body.

The Future

EcoQube Air is durable, compact, and portable. We use the latest technology to make gardening as easy and efficient as possible without the hassle.

This is the future of home grown foods, gardening, farming, and so much more.