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Aqua Design Innovations, LLC (ADI) was founded in San Francisco by entrepreneurial minded hobbyists. After having worked for multiple aquarium retail shops, performed numerous installations and ran a successful online invertebrate retail business they identified major flaws in the aquarium industry. With knowledge and experience, our founders established ADI with the fundamental goals to build a business around a solution for the industry and to raise environmental awareness.

Currently ADI is based in La Jolla, California, where we focus on design, installation and maintenance of aquatic ecosystems as well as providing the highest quality aquatic livestock and aquarium goods to the nation.

How does ADI provide a solution for the major flaws in the aquarium industry?

90%+ of the aquarium industry is salt water focused, where most livestock are brutally harvested from the wild. Freshwater isn’t much better. An estimated 30% of ALL freshwater aquarium livestock is lost due to deaths BEFORE they get to the end customer’s aquariums. With years of experience, ADI is well equipped with the best methods and direct FARMED sources limiting deaths to less than 5% from farms all the way to our customer’s aquariums. This dramatically increases quality of livestock, reduces aquarists’ carbon footprint on the environment and minimizes cost of livestock, creating a triple win situation. Hence our motto, “Revolutionize Aquarium Trade.”

Planted Aquatic Ecosystems are indisputably beautiful. ADI is set on challenging the status quo of the goldfish in a bowl for fresh water aquariums and the idea of advanced aquarium keeping being only limited to salt water aquariums. ADI believes that the artistic and aesthetic elements of an innovative 90% self-sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem installation will attract a large audience and has the power to convey the significance of a balanced, natural ecosystem. Hence our other motto, “Innovate with Nature.”  We have already started working with various environmental awareness groups at the University of California San Diego to begin this green campaign.

When dealing with ADI, you are more than just a customer; you become part of the revolution.

For updates on ADI’s projects as well as other news updates and general information check out ADI’s Journal.

Innovate with Nature.